Chuck Ärlund Photography
I want my images to scream at me. Sometimes quietly and poetically


Who is Chuck Ärlund?


Chuck Ärlund:

I am a photographer living in the Nashville TN area. Murfreesboro to be exact. I teach photography at Middle Tennessee State University. I started photographing musicians back in 1988 when I also was a member of a Aqua Net hard rock band. Since I am a musician and performer I understand how much visuals mean to artist and how to create an image that best suits the style of music they make or preform. 
My personal tastes in music are all over but I draw most inspiration from the rock n roll world, hey, I'm a guitar player. I listen to Jazz almost everyday and my daily listening will include Duran Duran to Slayer and so much in-between. We almost named one of our kids after Robin Zander but ended up going with Nikolette Sixx since all three of my children middle names are the last names of photographers I admire. Check out Nikki Sixx's photography.

Look at my portfolio and consider contacting me to talk about your latest project. Photoshoots are laid back and fun. If it isn't any fun it will show in the images, unless that's the look you need. I'll be miserable for you then. 

I teach photography at Middle Tennessee State University. I also lead lectures and classes independently for photographers looking to advance their lighting techniques. Please check the about photographers section for upcoming events and details.

I also belong to
WPPI and PPA, both wonderful photographic organizations.

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